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More people today spend their time on social media sites. Individuals are accessing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless others through their mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

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Social media provide some of the most convenient and lucrative platforms to generate free traffic to your website (free in terms of dollars, not free as far as time, energy, and effort).

Creating a page for your business on Facebook, or creating a Twitter handle for your business, provides you the opportunity to post relevant information about your business, your service, or your product, and link it back to either a page or a service on your website.

Benefits of Social Media to your Website

One of the biggest benefits in utilizing social media is the amount of eyes your post can be placed in front of in a rather quick period of time. As illustrated below, a post on your business Facebook page, or a tweet on your business Twitter handle, can go a long way in getting your service and product in front of a large audience in a quick time frame.



FaceBook Twitter Social Media
Facebook and Twitter Social Media Illustration

An even bigger piece of this puzzle is Tweets are now indexed by Google, according to a blog post by Twitter in May 2015.

The greater impact to you and your website is that not only do Tweets assist in your SEO from a mere social media perspective, but your actual Tweets from your business Twitter handle may be found by random users who found your Tweet while searching Google. (As of the time of the writing Facebook posts were not being indexed by Google).

Directing Traffic to your Site through Social Media

Inbound Marketing will be one of your businesses strongest allies when it comes to converting web traffic into leads (and eventually converting leads into sales).

Inbound marketing campaigns are developed to bring traffic to your website, and then begin the process of converting your traffic into leads and customers. The process of converting web traffic into leads is providing your visitors with free or exclusive information about your service in exchange for their email or contact information.

Your inbound marketing campaigns are stemmed from creating relevant content about your service that you believe users are searching. The power of inbound marketing is it allows you to create and provide information about your products and services in exchange for contact information from your visitors.

Gaining trust in your visitor population for them to provide you their critical email information allows you to stay in further communication with them through emails, newsletters, and more.

Inbound marketing requires you gain faith from your visitors – in return they are providing contact information which translates them into leads in your portfolio with the inside track toward converting them into customers paying for your service.

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