Submitting your Site to Google and Bing

Search engine submission is a relatively easy and efficient way to get your site recognized by Google and Bing.

Submitting your site to search engines
Submit your website to Google and Bing

Once your website design and development is complete, it may take weeks – maybe even months – before the search engines begin to even get a sniff of your site. This can be quite a bit of dead-time where your website is effectively useless from a search engine perspective.

Your developer can simply submit your website to Google and Bing respectively. Once submitted, each search engine will provide your developer with code to add into the header of your website. The result of this activity is your site being submitted to Google and Bing and getting recognized much more quickly. This technique will assist in expediting future visitors finding your businesses website through organic search results.

You can also have your development team submit your site to other search engines, but submitting to Google and Bing should be done regardless. Most other search engines take their lead from Google, so once your site is submitted there, it can almost be thought of as submitted everywhere.

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