Developing a ToFu Inbound Marketing Campaign

ToFu refers to a Top of the Funnel approach. In essence, ToFu campaigns provide visitors with a high-level or a broad view of the services your business provides.

Inbound Marketing
Develop an Inbound Marketing Campaign

In a ToFu campaign, your main goal is attracting visitors to your website. A successful ToFu campaign can be generated by developing a blog post from your website.

An example of a ToFu campaign is to write a post or an article for your blog which provides information which is relevant to your business. The post can be tailored toward recent trends, statistics, customer viewpoints, etc.

Write the content in a manner that is directed toward attracting visitors who are searching for a service or product – be sure it is the service your business provides. Your main objective in a ToFu campaign is to attract visitors to your site. Build a reputation with your visitors so they begin viewing you as a trusted and credible source.

In a ToFu campaign one of your main objectives should be developing reliable content for your visitors. By doing so, you are also developing the foundation of developing a strong and reliable inbound marketing campaign for your visitors and leads.

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