Tweet, Tweet, and Retweet

So, how do you get an inbound marketing campaign to stick? Great question every marketer and content marketing specialist should ask themselves.

Social Media Strategy
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Several factors go into a successful campaign:

         Develop an intriguing post that will capture your audience’s attention

         Use multiple social media platforms, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Google +, to post your message. The more platforms, the larger the audience

         Post, tinker, post, tinker, post again. It may take a few attempts at finding the wording and content that captures your audience’s attention. Be prepared to post and re-post until you find the right combination of wording.

Intriguing Post

If the post isn’t intriguing then no one will click it. Period. You need to create a post that will create interest and reaction. The reaction you want is to get visitors and leads to click on your post and land on your website.

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Internet Marketing

While posting about your products, services, and sales should be a priority, you also need to add a little creativity to your post to capture the reader’s attention. Think of your post as your sales pitch. As potential-customers are walking past your storefront, what are you going to say to get them to come inside and turn them into an actual lead?

Once you have attracted your visitor onto your website through your post, now is the time to convert them into a paying customer.

Multiple Social Media Platforms

There’s an old expression about not keeping your eggs all in one basket. That’s the thought process here too.

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Capturing Leads

You want to utilize multiple social media platforms because what works on one platform may not work on the next. Utilizing multiple social media platforms also gets your social media campaign in front of multiple audiences. Your audience on Facebook may be a completely different audience than your LinkedIn audience.

In addition, the type of post you place on LinkedIn may be a completely different post you place on Twitter or Facebook. Multiple platforms allows for multiple types of campaigns. Similar to radio ads vs. TV ads, you want your message on multiple platforms for multiple audiences.

Post, Tinker, Re-Post, Re-Tinker…Repeat

Finding the right social media post with the right platform may take several attempts. Be prepared to post, review the stats of the post, tinker with the content of the post, post again, and then repeat.

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Finding the right combination of words or the right content or wording may take several attempts. Be prepared to post, tinker, and re-post.

Continue reviewing the stats of your social media posts. When you finally do get that right combination of content and creativity, continue to repost and continue adding leads and potential paying customers to your website.

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