Coping and Dealing with Stress and Stressful Situations

We all deal with stress. Whether it is job related, family related, or just being stressed out due to the traffic commuting to work today. Some deal with multiple stress points per day. The way we deal with stress can be very unique to each of us. 

Pinpoint the Stress Point

Whatever your method in dealing with stress, your number one goal in trying to alleviate stress should first be defining what is causing you stress. If there are a number of things currently causing you stress, pinpoint the number one item that is causing you the most stress and focus on that.

Once you have been able to pinpoint the stress point, define whether it is in your control or someone else’s control. For example, are you stressed because of a major project deadline at work? While the deadline may not be in your control, the steps leading up to the deadline, and how you accomplish the project, are within your control. 

Cope with the Stress

To cope with the stress of the project deadline, take control of the item and define the steps you need to take to get the project done. Creating a simple task list and breaking the project down into a series of smaller steps with personal due dates, instead of a larger, more overwhelming project, will help you see visualize what needs to be done to accomplish the task. This will also provide you a much clearer picture if you are on track or really behind.

If the stress is outside of your control, for example, if there have been recent job cuts at your company and you are concerned you and your department might be next.  While there may not be anything you can do about your job being cut (although there are tips and techniques you can follow to ensure if your job is cut you are prepared to hit the job market), there are relaxation and exercise tips you can follow to help you cope with a stress that is outside of your control. 

Stress Coping Activities

Yoga and taking a walk are two activities that can help you cope with your stress.  Of course for some, coping with stress may come through some more hard-core activities like karate or mountain biking. Whatever assists you in helping cope with the stress is probably the activity you should focus more of your attention.

When dealing with stress though, no matter what the stress point is, learn to pinpoint that stress:

  • Identify if it is within your control or not
  • Define measures on how to cope with the stress. 

While it would be ideal to live in a stress-free world, until that places exists, follow the steps above to assist you in coping with your stress.

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