Time to Keep up With Your Lawn

As the season’s change from summer to autumn, it’s easy to forget the overall health of your lawn.  What you do, or don’t do, this time of year with your lawn, could have some consequences next spring.

First, the autumn season is a great time of year for seeding your lawn in preparation for next spring.  The cooler temperatures this time of year, mixed in with the morning dew and typical rain fall, helps seedlings take root.  By seeding your lawn now, you are planting the seeds to greener, brighter, fresher lawn next spring.

The fall season is a good time for fertilizing your lawn too.  Although your lawn starts to shut down this time of year, fertilizing now will help strengthen your lawns roots. 

Finally, aerate your lawn in the fall. Aerating your lawn allows a passage for water and nutrients to help reach your grass roots.

Fertilizing, seeding, and aerating your lawn today, will help provide you a healthy, green lawn next spring. 

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