Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Now that you have successfully started to build a database of emails and contacts through your inbound marketing campaigns, you have a set of leads to build your service, brand, and product with. You also now have an audience to begin an email campaign. Newsletters and email campaigns are an essential ingredient in your internetContinue reading “Email Campaigns and Newsletters”

How Social Media can Benefit your Products and Services

Today’s fast-paced technological world requires more from you in developing a solid marketing plan than ever before. Twenty years ago your internet marketing plan merely required you to have a website to ensure you had a web presence for your business. Today, if you are only planning on a website as stating you have a webContinue reading “How Social Media can Benefit your Products and Services”

Closing the Deal on Leads through Inbound Marketing

Your final phase of your inbound marketing campaign is your BoFu campaign, or Bottom of the Funnel. The BoFu is converting your leads into sales. Beginning with your ToFu campaign you have provided your visitors a broad view of your industry or service. As you entered the MoFu campaigning phase you provided your leads withContinue reading “Closing the Deal on Leads through Inbound Marketing”

Developing a ToFu Inbound Marketing Campaign

ToFu refers to a Top of the Funnel approach. In essence, ToFu campaigns provide visitors with a high-level or a broad view of the services your business provides. In a ToFu campaign, your main goal is attracting visitors to your website. A successful ToFu campaign can be generated by developing a blog post from yourContinue reading “Developing a ToFu Inbound Marketing Campaign”