Writing Services

Not only is content important for SEO, but strong content is your initial opportunity to make a good impression on your leads and customers.

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Writing Services

  • Initial content that is specific and unique to your business
  • Ongoing or one-time content updates, depending on your needs
  • Blog ideas and blog posts

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Initial Content for your Website

When it comes to generating successful site optimization, content is one of the most important elements for your website.

Developing content for your initial website build can be a challenge. You want to effectively communicate your services to your reader without overloading them with too much information. You also need to balance the search engines content requirements on your site in order to get your website ranked.

We will work with you to gain an understanding of your business and tailor your content in a manner that is easy to read and is also effective for search engine optimization.

We follow SEO best-practices and adhere to Google and Bing principles when it comes to developing effective content.

Updating the Content on your Website

Keeping website content updated provides your visitors with fresh information. It’s also important to update your website content for SEO purposes too.

We have a two-tiered content update service:

  • One-time content update: If it’s just a one-time update to your content that you need, we’ll make those updates for you. We will review specifically what your needs are and provide the recommendations and content updates that meet your need and your budget.
  • Ongoing content updates: We will develop a plan with you on how we will make ongoing updates for your content. Keeping your content fresh is good for your visitors and very effective for search engines.

Blog Ideas and Blog Posts

Blogs are great tools for connecting with your customers and your leads. Blogs allow you to communicate directly to your visitors and your customers at a level that your other web pages may not.

Developing content for your audience
Develop Content for your Readers not Search Engines

The challenge some website owners face with their blog is “what do I write about?” As with our content updates, we will map out a plan for blog posts – including topics and frequency of the posts. Put your blog posts in our hands and we’ll develop effective blogs for your site.

Writing for your Audience and Search Engines

Developing content for your website can be a tricky task. A frequently asked question in regards to website content is: “Do I write for my customers or do I write for the search engines?”

All content on your website should be written with a focus toward your audience. If it is written with the intention of trying to force keywords or key phrases into search engines, you’ll have two negative impacts on your hands:

–        You will overload your readers (your leads and your customers) with too much information or unorganized information.
–        Your site may get flagged by search engines – particularly Google – as a site that is keyword stuffing. The effect is a negative impact on your site ranking’s and SEO.

Our writing services provide you with the expert writing skills that your website needs. We provide writing that is tailored toward your readers and customers, along with SEO best-practices and principles.


Getting Started

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