Inbound Marketing Solutions

Converting Web Traffic into Leads and Paying Customers

Successful inbound marketing campaigns provide high-quality content for your site, along with promotion through social media channels, and finally specific call-to-action web design to convert that traffic into immediate leads or customers.

Inbound Marketing Pricing:

  • One-Month Service: $750. This service provides two inbound marketing campaigns which include the development of two blogs created with SEO best-practices; specific design within your landing page to create a call-to action for your viewers; and social media management around the inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Three-Month Service: $2025. A 10% savings. Two inbound marketing campaigns per month.
  • Six Month Service: $4050. A 10% savings + an additional campaign for a total of thirteen inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Twelve Month Service: $8100. A 10% savings + two additional campaigns for a twenty six inbound marketing campaigns for your website.


Getting your Web Content to work for you

Developing a successful inbound marketing strategy with strong content, correct social media engagement, and call-to-action design on your websites landing page involves creative planning and development.

We have the experience and expertise to provide your website with not only the web traffic, but with the immediate ability to convert that traffic into leads and paying customers.

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