Generating Organic Traffic to your Website

Your online needs in today’s world go beyond the scope of your own website. To successfully attract leads and customers to your site, your business needs to create an overall web presence.

Web Solutions For your Online Presence

  • Social Media Management: Generating traffic to your website goes beyond the borders of your actual website. In today’s social media world it’s just as important to create and update your social media accounts for your business and website. Social media helps deliver an overall web presence for your business and website. Our Social Media Services support you in your overall social media management.
  • Inbound Marketing: An Inbound Marketing strategy is one of the strongest approaches to assist in your lead-generation strategy, as well as in your effort to convert leads into paying customers. We will work with you in creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy with the intention of generating leads for your business, and eventually turning those leads into customers.
  • SEO: Our Search Engine Optimization or SEO Service dives deep into your website. We inspect the elements of your site in order to provide a recommendation and solution that meets your specific need and budget.
  • Internet Marketing Consulting: Sometimes all you need is sound advice. We will thoroughly review your site and sit down and deliver to you our recommendations and best practices. We provide one-time consulting services as well as ongoing consulting.
Inbound Marketing Solutions
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Marketing your Website

One of the major challenges small businesses face when they have finalized the development and design on their website is determining “what’s next?”

generate traffic to your website
How is your site ranked?

The “what’s next?” question usually ties into generating traffic to the website. After all, it doesn’t really matter how wonderful the design may be, if no one is finding your website, it really doesn’t exist. We guide you through the “what’s next?” question. Our comprehensive Solutions & Services delivers you the support you need.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions. We work directly with you on the service that meets your specific needs.

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Improving the Health of your Website

Constant and continual review and updates to your website are the main ingredients when it comes to successfully being ranked in search engines.

Small businesses sometimes get caught up in the bells and whistles of the look of their website and give little to no thought about what will attract visitors – and potential paying customers – to the their website.

When it comes to your website, JF Publishing and Marketing works to provide you and your business with the industry best practices and principles set forth by Google and Bing.

Sit with us and we will review what it takes for you to get your website found in search results.

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